A Very Generous Testimonial
Mr. Drew Ramsey
Southfield, MI

My name is Drew Ramsey. To give you a flavor of who I am, I will make
two comments. I am not into camping and I think chipmunks are cute
as long as they are outside. Two months ago I went into my garage as I
had numerous times before and to my surprise, I found overturned
trashcans. Something had been looking for food. The raids on the
garbage cans continued and I did my best to figure out what was doing
this. I made sure the covers were on tight, and still, every morning they
were off and the bags were ripped open. In my meager investigation, I
found a whole in the rear of the garage. It looked as though an animal
had created its own doorway by gnawing through the roof. I closed this
opening with a piece of floor tile. The next day a new opening had been
created by this animal so it could enjoy the meals found in garbage. My
insurance company wanted me to eliminate the animal(s), reducing the
likelihood of my returning with similar claims. They told me to try
mothballs. I bought about 20 boxes of mothballs and put them
everywhere. Whenever I opened the garage door, it smelled like a
mothball factory. The animals still came. I moved the trash outside of
the garage. Boxes inside the garage were being opened in a new
search for food. Nothing was safe. Even a bag of fertilizer was ripped
open. …so too were boxes of summer clothes, Christmas decorations,
and extra pots, pans and dishes. After about a week, the animal found
the trashcans next to the garage. They knew how to take the covers off
of the lockable type too, even the empties. I tried sprinkling my secret
habanera hot sauce all over the trashcans and bags. It didn’t matter. It
kept happening. I didn’t really know what to do anymore until one very
cold night. My chimney and fireplace was built like an old log cabin –
open to the elements. That night, as I was touching up some digital
photographs on my computer, I heard a sound from my fireplace. I had
had an owl visit me once before. And before that, after four days of not
having electricity, I came home to find small animal tracks going from
my kitchen to the fireplace and straight up the chimney. So I firmly
believe that we cohabitate with animals and I was ‘relatively’ ready to
deal with an unknown. I was slightly startled to see what I thought was
a pair of widely spaced eyes looking at me. It was very dark in there,
and I could have been mistaken. I had a camera next to me so I took a
picture. WOW! It was a raccoon! They’re okay as road-kill or in a park,
but in your house the little critters are as big as a Great Dane (not really
– but when it’s your house – yes, really!)! I calmly thought to myself
“think calmly.” I figured he’d be here for the night since it was so cold
outside, and as long as he didn’t try to bash through the metal ember
netting and the glass doors, it was okay with me. Well, the next day
came… and well into it, he was still here. So… I stopped working on my
wedding photography project and went right on to Google. I searched
animal removal-southfield, mi and in the first two or three names was
one who called himself “trapper.” I didn’t have to look any further. I
needed someone who had this kind of claim on his ability to do this
work. “Trapper Ron” was his name as listed. I gave him a call and he
said he’d be here within an hour. Wow, I thought! I needed quick help.
He came over and I showed him where my new furry friend was. Well, I
guess the raccoon started likin’ my fireplace and he climbed up beyond
Trapper Ron’s pole-yoke could reach. So he set some traps and said
he’d be back to pick it up in the morning. We talked the next day he told
me the bait was missing out of two traps and a dish filled with bait was
taken from a third. It was such a cold and dreary night, the traps had
frozen open! So he had re-baited them and the next day he called to tell
me he caught them. Them?!, I thought. No. Mine was still with me. So I
was rid of two extra pests that I didn’t know I had! Trapper Ron came
over with a jar of stuff I remember as Scent of Coyote. He thought this
smell of a raccoon’s mortal enemy would certainly run it out of its new
home. No, not this time. So Trapper Ron baited and reset two fresh
traps. Trapper Ron said if he didn’t trap him this time, he’d bring
“Trapper” Erik, his son, and they’d get him from either the fireplace or
the rooftop. My furry friend was so smart, it did go out to eat, but it went
to guess where… my garbage cans again! And then it came back in.
Trapper Ron came over the next day and moved the raccoon to a
position where it could be captured. And of course, I’m happy to be rid
of my new furry friend… and his two pals! I am sharing this long story
to tell you about raccoons. They are very smart and likeable. Even
though I have learned much about raccoons through this experience, I
am still very cautious about interacting with them. I must also speak
about Trapper Ron. I watched him from a front row seat. In our case,
the problem raccoon didn’t read the textbook. There are many things
about Trapper Ron which I really like. He listens to you. He has an easy-
going and pleasing personality. He gives from himself. He wants to do
the job. He wants to work quickly on a very reasonable timetable. He
has the experience and he has the equipment. If he needs a hand, he
has Eric. And Eric seems to be relaxed and competent in this job too! If
you need to have an animal removed, Trapper Ron will do it, answer
your questions and maybe tell you a story too! Now I can concentrate
on my Wedding Photography…or should I try Pet Photography?

Drew Ramsey
Photography by Drew
Southfield, MI
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