Who is Trapper Ron

Trapper Ron Baker has over 15 years of wildlife control experience, stories
and advice for you to enjoy. He has handled every thing from mice,
squirrels, skunks, ground hogs, raccoons, birds, bees, muskrats, coyote,  and

He has written dozens of articles for the Farmington Observer & Eccentric
newspapers and is currently writing a book on the humorous tales of an
animal trapper. Trapper Ron has also appeared on Channel 2 news as a
wildlife expert for a coyote story that aired last year.

Trapper Ron is licensed by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources
as a Wildlife Nuisance Animal Control Operator. LC# RC613.

The typical service includes setting live traps, daily baiting, and removal of
all animals for one standard fixed price. Our competition charges a setup
fee and a per animal fee. This can get very expensive particularly if they
catch animals not targeted.

Many of our clients say that they wished they called Trapper Ron first.
Trapper Ron has the luxury of
having a highly trained Golden
Retriever named Anna. Anna is
specially trained to find and help
remove animals from home
interiors.  She knows when a job
needs to be done and she does it
with out hesitation. If you happen
to need Anna's Services, I am sure
you will be very impressed with her
The Famous Anna
Servicing the following communities with animal control and animal removal services. Animal removal  Livonia, Michigan - Animal Removal
Farmington, Michigan - Animal Removal Farmington  Hills, Michigan -Animal Removal  Novi, Michigan - Animal Removal Northville, Michigan -
Animal Removal Birmingham, Michigan - Animal Removal Bloomfield Hills, Michigan - Animal Removal Waterford, Michigan - Animal Removal
Redford, Michigan - Animal Removal Southfield, Michigan -Animal Removal Oakland County, Michigan - Animal Removal Wayne County, Michigan -
Animal Removal Livingston County, Michigan.

Animal Control for Raccoons, Animal Control Opossum, Animal Control Skunks, Animal Control Squirrels, Animal Control Chipmunk, Animal Control
Ground Hogs, Animal Control Coyote, Animal Control Fox, Animal Control Mice, Animal Control Rats, Animal Control Bees,  Animal Control Wasps
Animal Removal for Raccoons, Opossum, Skunks, Squirrels, Chipmunk, Ground Hogs, Coyote, Fox, Mice, Rats, Bees, Wasps

Servicing the following communities with animal control and animal control services. Animal Control  Livonia, Michigan - Animal Contol  Farmington,
Michigan - Animal  Control Farmington  Hills, Michigan -Animal Control  Novi, Michigan - Animal Control Northville, Michigan - Animal Control
Birmingham, Michigan - Animal Control Bloomfield Hills, Michigan - Animal Control Waterford, Michigan - Animal Control Redford, Michigan - Animal
Control Southfield, Michigan -Animal Control Oakland County, Michigan - Animal Control  Wayne County, Michigan - Animal Control Livingston County,
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Trapper Ron Holding
a Baby Raccoon. The
mother  was trapped
and released by a
homeowner. This baby
and three others were
left to fend for
themselves in an attic.

See More Pictures
of Rescued Babies
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