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Bothersome Birds
Trapper Ron  

Spring will soon be upon us once again and as it approaches we see
animal activity begin to increase. Already, this year we have noticed a
sharp increase in animal relocation calls for February and March. I    
believe this to be due to the inconsistent weather we have been

We have trapped and relocated dozens of animals, such as raccoons,
opossum, skunks and coyote. We have also spent a lot of time
performing animal and bird exclusion services.

Exclusion calls from frantic homeowners always begin this time a year.
They desperately want  for us to solve problems with birds nesting in
dryer and bathroom exhaust fan vents. Bird often enter unprotected
vents to nest for the spring. Often venturing throughout the vent piping
system birds can get stuck in bathroom exhaust fans.

Vents are a wonder spot for birds to build nests and protect their young.
They are very difficult for predators to enter and they typically are fairly
high from the ground.

Unfortunately nesting birds can be a problem with proper vent
ventilation, vent operation,and odors entering the home. In addition the
scratching, chirping and other noises birds make can  be very annoying.

My mother-in-law, Ruth, tells a story where she was doing her hair in the
her bathroom when a very disturbing event happened. While brushing
her hair, she saw something fall from the bathroom exhaust fan. To her
horror, from the reflection in the bathroom mirror, she saw several
maggots on her shoulder.  Apparently, a bird had entered through the
outside vent, traveled through the pipes, got stuck in the bathroom fan
and died.  

A typical bird exclusion call for us is to assess and inspect each vent for
bird activity. Some homes can have vents as high as 25 feet off of the
ground, requiring a sizable extension ladder.  Nesting materials inside
the vents are thoroughly removed and cleaned. We also inspect pipes to
ensure that all connections are intact.

After cleaning we install a bird cover over the existing vent. Vent covers
are securely  attached with four stainless steel screws. Once the bird
cover is installed we move on to the next vent.

This process is not rocket science and is an easy preventative procedure
that can be done by most homeowners. This is definitely a procedure
that should be done to prevent birds from gaining access to the interior
of your home.

Practical Jokes We Play.

My son, Erik, being a practical joker at times, got me one day while
installing a bird vent. He was up the ladder about 15 feet cleaning a
vent. He was pulling handful after handful of nesting materials and
dropping it below. The bag I was using to collect the dropping was
filling up, so I decided to go to the truck and get another bag.

My devilish son could not resist himself and as I turned the corner of the
home, he quickly slid down the ladder and laid down on the grass. When
I returned, I almost had a heart attack when I noticed him on the
ground. I couldn’t believe that he fell and since he wasn’t moving I
thought for sure that he was seriously hurt. I dropped the everything and
ran over to him. It didn’t take very long for me to figure out that he was
all right since he started laughing hysterically. I was pretty upset at him
for a while, however, I give him credit for holding a straight face for as
long as he did.

As always, anytime you require a professional trapper, make sure they
are licensed with the Michigan Department of Natural Resource and
insured. Cost varies greatly so do your homework and call several
trappers and compare pricing for the services offered.

Ron Baker is the owner of Trapper Rons Humane Animal Removal &
Relocation Services located in Farmington Hills. He assists homeowners
and business with all wildlife nuisance issues in Farmington and
surrounding cities. He can be reached at (248) 426-0036.  

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