Services We Provide

We safely and humanely remove or control Coyote, Fox, Mice, Opossum,
Raccoons, Rats, Skunks, Squirrels, Wood Chucks, Moles, and Bats from
residential, commercial and industrial properties.
Our phone staff will make every attempt to fully answer any questions that
you may have. If they cannot answer your questions they will have someone
on staff  return your call.  

Our Trapping Service consist of baiting, trapping and removing captured
Skunks, Raccoons, Opossum and other varmints on an ongoing basis. During
the Initial start-up and Inspection phase, we will meet with you to determine
a day and time for our staff to maintain our traps each day, as well as inspect
the property for animal infestations. A map outlining the location of each of
our traps will be established and maintained for both our staff and the
client.  Additionally, we will determine the number  and types of traps used
as well as outlining specific problem areas that may need to be addressed to
prevent future encounters. On a ongoing daily basis, our staff will remove
trapped animals  and deploy additional traps as needed.

Basic 5 Day Trapping Services
Only $250.00
No Set up or Per Animal Fee's

The  Services Trapper Ron Provides:
We  Humanely Trap & Relocate the Following Animals

Ground Hogs
Bat Removal & Exclusion
Detroit Area MIchigan Customers  ONLY ! Can Pay
With Credit Card Through Pay Pal.  Once An
Appointment Has Been Established and Trapper
Ron Has Been Notified -  Payments Can Be
Processed Using Credit Card
Animal Removal & Relocation Services
Animal Damage Repair & Exclusion Services
Carcass Removal
Chimney Flue Cover Installation
Dryer/Bathroom Vent Bird Cover Installation
Complete Mole Removal Services    
Home Inspection Services
Monthly Rodent Contracts
Trapping & Animal Control Services

In Leelanau or
Traverse Counties
Trapper Ron
Any Time
(248) 939-0314

In The Fenton Area
Trapper Erik
Any Time
(810) 931-0845
Common Issue

Many Bird & Squirrel
problems can be
remedied simply by
installing Chimney
Flue Caps, Bathroom
Exhaust and Dryer
exhaust vents. These
simple proactive
measures will prevent
unwanted wildlife from
gaining access to your


Bird Feeders not only
attract birds. They
attract Raccoons,
Opossum, Skunks,
Squirrels, and even
Coyote and Fox. Daily
cleaning around bird
feeders will greatly
reduce any issues with  
unwanted visitors


Barbecue Grill grease
pans are a favorite of
Raccoons and
Opossum.  Cleaning  
should be done before
the Grill Cover is
All Trapping Services Are Prepaid - Cash or Check.
Clients Wishing To Pay By Credit Card May Do So After
Initial Site Visit
Mole Removal Service
Servicing the following communities with animal control and animal removal services. Animal removal  Livonia, Michigan - Animal
Removal Farmington, Michigan - Animal Removal Farmington  Hills, Michigan -Animal Removal  Novi, Michigan - Animal Removal
Northville, Michigan - Animal Removal Birmingham, Michigan - Animal Removal Bloomfield Hills, Michigan - Animal Removal Waterford,
Michigan - Animal Removal Redford, Michigan - Animal Removal Southfield, Michigan -Animal Removal Oakland County, Michigan -
Animal Removal Wayne County, Michigan - Animal Removal Livingston County, Michigan.

Animal Control for Raccoons, Animal Control Opossum, Animal Control Skunks, Animal Control Squirrels, Animal Control Chipmunk, Animal
Control Ground Hogs, Animal Control Coyote, Animal Control Fox, Animal Control Mice, Animal Control Rats, Animal Control Bees,  Animal
Control Wasps
Animal Removal for Raccoons, Opossum, Skunks, Squirrels, Chipmunk, Ground Hogs, Coyote, Fox, Mice, Rats, Bees, Wasps

Servicing the following communities with animal control and animal control services. Animal Control  Livonia, Michigan - Animal Contol  
Farmington, Michigan - Animal  Control Farmington  Hills, Michigan -Animal Control  Novi, Michigan - Animal Control Northville, Michigan -
Animal Control Birmingham, Michigan - Animal Control Bloomfield Hills, Michigan - Animal Control Waterford, Michigan - Animal Control
Redford, Michigan - Animal Control Southfield, Michigan -Animal Control Oakland County, Michigan - Animal Control  Wayne County,
Michigan - Animal Control Livingston County, Michigan.